Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Turn 004 1758 Campaign

French Milice de Quebec 3/8 compagnie continues to rout while the Stockbridge Indians continue to snip at their heels. Meanwhile the French Bombardiers make the British pay dearly for their sniping; the French Battery on the West Wall fired a 6pd cannon taking a Rangers head clean off. While the other French Battery on the Southwestern wall fired a 6pd cannon at a column of Provincials marching into the clearing, the shot killed a Private instantly when the cannon ball landed on their formation. The 2pd peashooter missed wide again firing at the Stockbridge’s. Col. Pontleroy is not pleased with 2pd crew’s performance so far, but has been very pleased with the performance of the other artillery crews.  French KIA 1, British KIA 2

The French Batteries across the Oswego River continues to fire with deadly accuracy killing 2 Rangers. British KIA 2