Thursday, September 13, 2018

Scenario design tutorial Step 4 Making a Submap

Here I will show you how to make a Submap for Hps/JTS Early American Wars

                      Here is what Submap file looks like:
To create a Submap:
1) Create Map File:
2) Add 0 to first line of the Submap file
3) Add Original map file in this case: Lake
4) The numbers in this file relate to hexes on the Original map

  5.) First you need to get your X axis for the Submap your making. To do this is start from left edge of the Original map to the left edge of where you want the Submap to start. In my case it's on the 143 hex line. (refer to map above, I have marked it roughly on the map)

6.) Then you need your Y axis for the Submap, which goes from the north edge of the Original map (Lake to where you want the top edge of your Submap to start. In my case I picked 125 hexes down from the top of the Original map.

So you got the first two numbers they are 143 125

7.) Next you have to find out the width and length of your Submap. This will create the last two edges of your Submap. This is up to you on how large you want your map to be. In this case, I went with 87 hexes in width and 85 in length. (The Submap will have a black border which counts as one hex therefore it will always be one less hex on the map 86,84)

Here is the completed Submap (it was to large to upload in one file so it's split in two pictures)

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