Friday, August 31, 2018

Turn 010 1758 Campaign

The 6pd Cannon in the NW Bastion fired on a British Provincial company cutting a soldier in two which seemed disrupt the morale in the surrounding British companies. The SW bastion fired its 6pd and was able hit its mark on ricochet, taking the leg of a British Provincial. The swivel 2pd continued its poor shooting missing high and to the left, Colonel Pontleroy is furious with this crew as they continuously waste powder and couldn't hit the broadside of a barn!! British 2 KIA
The French batteries across the river continue perform excellent. The 1st Battery 6pd cannon (Northern most battery) fired on the pinned and hapless Queens Rangers killing a ranger private that was standing a little too high up. The 2nd Battery 6pd cannon also fired on Queens Rangers company killing a sergeant that was trying to rally his men. The 3rd Battery 6pd cannon growing tired of the British playing (The British Grenadiers March) decided to fire on the British Grenadiers which scored a kill. The 9pd Cannon of the same battery was able to kill a Grenadier from the  company higher up on the Hill. The 4th Battery 6pd & 9pdrs fired on a Highland Company killing 2 highlanders. The 9pd cannon by the bridge fired on the bridge causing three damage bringing it down to the strength 141. 6 British KIA
The French continue their retreat from the fort

Turn 009 1758 Campaign

French Artillerymen continue to fire on the advancing British forces but Artillerymen are preparing to move the Cannons over next hour. 3 British KIA

The French Batteries across the river fire away on the helplessly pinned Queens Ranger companies every well aimed French shot hits their mark. Meanwhile French Engineers begin to place explosives on the bridge (In this game there are no explosives so cannons take their place) British 6 KIA
The First Four French companies leave the fort they will march along the shore under the cover of the French batteries across the river.

Turn 008 1758 Campaign (post got Deleted)

British Stubbornly continue to advance towards the fort.. British lost 2 wounded 2 Killed  One portly Connecticut lieutenant  was never heard of again but a few Pieces of his coat was found.. British 4 KIA
Queens Rangers Refuse to advance any closer to the deadly Batteries across the river But they were still cut to pieces from long range shots of the French batteries. The French cannons quickly found their range and every shot hit their mark. British 7 KIA
Colonel Ponteroy has ordered his forces to begin their withdrawal across the bridge to Fort Ontario with everything they could carry everything else was to be burned..