Thursday, October 4, 2018


Sorry for the delay, I am dealing with some bad back issues I am hoping to be able post how make OOB file post sometime this weekend..


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Scenario design tutorial Step 4 Making a Submap

Here I will show you how to make a Submap for Hps/JTS Early American Wars

                      Here is what Submap file looks like:
To create a Submap:
1) Create Map File:
2) Add 0 to first line of the Submap file
3) Add Original map file in this case: Lake
4) The numbers in this file relate to hexes on the Original map

  5.) First you need to get your X axis for the Submap your making. To do this is start from left edge of the Original map to the left edge of where you want the Submap to start. In my case it's on the 143 hex line. (refer to map above, I have marked it roughly on the map)

6.) Then you need your Y axis for the Submap, which goes from the north edge of the Original map (Lake to where you want the top edge of your Submap to start. In my case I picked 125 hexes down from the top of the Original map.

So you got the first two numbers they are 143 125

7.) Next you have to find out the width and length of your Submap. This will create the last two edges of your Submap. This is up to you on how large you want your map to be. In this case, I went with 87 hexes in width and 85 in length. (The Submap will have a black border which counts as one hex therefore it will always be one less hex on the map 86,84)

Here is the completed Submap (it was to large to upload in one file so it's split in two pictures)

Scenario design tutorial Step 4 selecting a map

Step 4: Selecting a map

Here is the map I used for this scenario it's called Lake
photo Provided by Steve at Scenario Design Center
Full Map view click Here


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Scenario design tutorial Step 3

Step 3: Pick the engagement you want either a historically accurate to the period, or a more balanced table top game.

I chose a typical French and Indian Ambush of the period called a Fishhook Formation it will look like the pictures below:
Bloody Morning Scout 1755
This picture is more in depth look at the French fish hook ambush formation (French painted red) 

I picked a balanced game with around 100 men per side which is more a miniature table top style of scenario. The French will have more Indians than Rogers Rangers.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Turn 0011 1758 Campaign

The French batteries fired very accurately killing  5 British soldiers during the British turn. The French 6pd battery on NW bastion fired on the Rangers and had rare miss overshooting the Rangers the bombardiers maybe showing some stress as British are getting closer and closer; The SW bastion fired its 6pd cannon and was able hit British Provincial Company exploding a soldier to pieces. The swivel 2pd got lucky with shot and killed a British provincial hitting him in the back

The French batteries across the river continued to perform excellent the 4th Battery 6pd & 9pd cannon fired (southern most battery) fired on British Grenadiers killing  2 Grenadiers. The 3rd Battery 6pd cannon also fired on British Regular Company killing a private he was in center of his company, The 3rd Battery 9pd cannon fired on a company of Marines which scored a kill. The 2nd  Battery 6pd fired on a British Regular company killing  1 Regular. The 1st  Battery 6pd fired on Company Rangers and missed 12 British KIA
ps.. I forgot continue my retreat and destruction of the bridge whoops!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Scenario design tutorial STEP 1&2

Step 1&2
Step 1: Select which time period you want to make a scenario 
Step 2: Research and gather information of time period you chose to create a scenario

I have decided for this scenario tutorial, I will be creating a small FIW scenario. 

The Scenario 

The scenario will take place in 1758, a scouting party of Rogers Rangers and Stockbridge Indians are returning to Fort Edward from a successful scout of French Fort Carillon, little did they know a war party of French and Indians have picked up their trail and has set up an ambush for Rogers..

Resources I used to make this scenario as follows:

Click links below
Journal of Robert Rogers  
The History of Rogers Rangers
 Knox, captain John; An historical journal of the campaigns in North America for the years 1757, 1758, 1759 and 1760
 The journal of Jeffery Amherst, recording the military career of General Amherst in America from 1758 to 1763

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Scenario design tutorial for HPS/JTS Early Americans Wars

Here is what I use to create my Scenarios

Step 1: Select which time period you want to make a scenario 
Step 2: Research and gather information of time period you chose to create a scenario 
Step 3: Pick the engagement you want either a historically accurate to the period, or a more  balanced table top game.
Step 4: Select a map/making a submap
Step 5: Create OOB file 
Step 6: Place your troops on the map 
Step 7: Setup objectives
Step 8: Program AI 
Step 9: Play-testing/balancing 

I am going show you my step by step of my process of creating a small FIW scenario