Saturday, February 25, 2017

Turn 007 1758 Campaign

Pontleroy’s Batteries continue rain fire on the British advancing  up the fort George trying to delay their advance.  British 3 KIA 
The French Batteries across the Oswego River Fire at Queens Rangers Advancing up the lake road. British 4 KIA

Monday, February 13, 2017

Turn 006 1758 Campaign

The British continue to advance up the Fort George road while the French artillery fire into the English ranks Killing one Stockbridge Indian and one Ranger. British 2 KIA
The French Batteries across the Oswego River fired a long distance shot killing 1 Ranger.  Meanwhile a French Scout spotted the British Slowly advancing up the Lake road. In response a Milice de Montreal 1/10 compagnie is sent forward to fire into flanks advancing British Column.  British KIA 1

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Scenario playtest & Review Turns 1-12

Game: HPS SIMS French and Indian war
Scenario: custom - 1MPH_001.scn A Winter's Day
Author: Al Amos (Great map/Scenario designer)
Where to find

 Scenario Discription: 8:00 am 17 January, 1754 *Ficticious* An inter-tribal raid. Vengeance: a powerful motivation. To right a perceived wrong, Koeentwahka, a pekowi shawano (Shawnee of the pekowi division) sends out his warriors in two nandobani (war-parties) to attack the unsuspecting pokekooungo lenape (Delaware of the Turtle Clan) under Shannopin in their village along the Allegheny River. As the ogichidaag (warriors) and oshki-ogichidaag (young warriors or boys) of the manato' (snake clan) and pesaw√§' (horse clan) creep closer to Shannopin's Town they see parties of dasoode (families) out collecting water and firewood. Surprise is complete. Inside chief Shannopin has no inclining of the impending attack. Will he be able to protect his people outside the villages stockade without compromising his village's safety? Will the Shawnee get Delaware prisoners and get away, or will they suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of Shannopin's tungulungsi (smallest turtle division) and maharolukti (brave division) warriors? OBJECTIVE: Side with the greatest losses looses. 1 VP per man.

 Turn 1

I moved my Shawnee war parties forward, as the young Lenape Braves started to retreat back toward their village. I got lucky with a long shot hitting a young Lenape Brave in the head he fell limp, twitching to the ground. My war Chiefs let out fierce scalp whooooop!!!  The veteran warriors of the Shawnee soon started to encircle the Lenape Braves in the Indian fashion. 1 Lenape KIA

Turn 2


                    My Shawnee Warriors completed encirclement and started laying down accurate Musket fire on the petrified Lenape Braves, two more Braves fall to my musket fire. The Shawnee warriors let our fierce war whoop, dropping their muskets pulling out their scalping knives and tomahawks in utter bloodlust. 2 Lenape KIA

 Turn 3

                                                My Shawnee Warriors attacked the Lenape Braves with scalping knives and tomahawks. Some of Lenape Braves then started singing their death song, getting ready for death, while some froze or even tried to run. Some even tried to put up a fight, but within a few minutes 14 Lenape Braves lay butchered and scalped on the ground. The Shawnee lost one Warrior. As he was killing one brave he was shot from behind, by a very young Lenape boy. The mortally wounded Shawnee was able to tomahawk the boy before he collapsed and died. 14 Lenape KIA 1 Shawnee KIA

Turn 4

                                                    My other War party that has been firing on the village hoping to keep the Lenape from exiting the village. My marksmen were able hit a Lenape Warrior as a party of Lenapes left the village. Meanwhile the large party of Lenape Warriors exiting the village moved straight toward my victorious War party looking for revenge . 1 Lenape KIA  

Turn 5

                         I quickly surrounded this party of Lenape Warriors but these veteran Warriors where not going to be so easily dispatched as the young Lenape Braves. In a bloody hand to hand fighting with knives and tomahawks we each lost a warrior.  1 Lenape KIA  1 Shawnee KIA

 Turn 6&7

                     Turn 6: 
At this time my War party was pretty exhausted but I tried one more assault. The fresher Lenape warriors were able to easily repulse my assault and I ended up losing two Warriors in this failed assault. 2 Shawnee KIA

Turn 7:
We settled into a slugfest firing away at each other, but the Smoke and Muskets getting dirty as neither side had shots find their targets. Meanwhile I moved my other Warparty to bolster my exhausted warriors.

 Turn 8

                                                                                                                                                       A small party of Lenape Braves came out the woods to fire into the rear of my warriors but I made them pay for this as I used my two Warparties to encircle this Lenape party.

 Turn 9

                     My Warparty easily dispatched this Lenape party. However my other War party lost another warrior to a well aimed shot. 4 Lenape KIA 1 Shawnee KIA

 Turn 10

Another party of Lenape warriors came running out of the village attacking my exhausted Warriors and easily routed them. I lost 2 Warriors and 3 units routed do to a bad turn of events.   

I surrounded this Lenape warparty hoping to destroy them in the next turn but on the Lenape side of the turn, they turned back toward the village leaving only one unit of 9 Lenape warriors to deal with a bit of good luck...

 Turn 11

                                        I surrounded this last Lenape party and quickly dispatched them with tomahawks and knives, after this we went about scalping the dead Lenape. I was Lucky to eek out a Major Victory after destroying that last Lenape unit. 9 Lenape KIA

 Turn 12

                                                                                                                                                     I started pull my victorious War parties back into the woods and back to my Village.

I think this was a well thought out, and well put together scenario, that really reflects the Nature of Native American Warfare of the time period. I really like that you didn't have to assault the village to win this scenario. Most Indian raids where lighting quick, attacking small parties of their enemies that were either hunting or gathering. They would swoop in and kill or capture whoever they could and get out before retaliatory strike could be put together.