Sunday, November 27, 2016

Turn 003 1758 Campaign

The two companies of Rogers Rangers each fired a devastating volley at the French Milice de Quebec 3/8 compagnie. The French picket had enough of the Rangers lead and routed heading toward the fort. The French batteries on the Southwest and West Walls of the Entrenched Camp fired two 6pd’s Cannon and a 2pd to cover the defeated Picket. French 6pd cannon on the SW Bastion killed two Rangers when a shot skipped thru the Rangers ranks, also taking one arm and two legs with it. The Indians were not the only ones who took scalps in this war; the Rangers were also seen taking the scalps of the fallen French troops…
French KIA 5, British KIA 2

utnam’s Rangers took advantage of their rifles range and fired a volley at long distance wounding  two men of French Milice de Quebec 3/6 compagnie. Putnam’s Rangers paid dearly for their fire, the French Batteries across the Oswego River fired with deadly accuracy killing  3  Rangers. French KIA 2, British KIA 3

End turn 3 Score so far

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