Monday, February 13, 2017

Turn 006 1758 Campaign

The British continue to advance up the Fort George road while the French artillery fire into the English ranks Killing one Stockbridge Indian and one Ranger. British 2 KIA
The French Batteries across the Oswego River fired a long distance shot killing 1 Ranger.  Meanwhile a French Scout spotted the British Slowly advancing up the Lake road. In response a Milice de Montreal 1/10 compagnie is sent forward to fire into flanks advancing British Column.  British KIA 1


  1. how do you think, does HPS FaIW reflect the line tactics? i mean, after i played it some time, i was close to decide it more like to what was in HPS napoleonic battles. groups of linear formations were clumsy and inert, they were trying to stick togehter (well i think so...)

  2. Hi Asdovas thanks for the comment. I think AI is only as good as the person who programs the AI I have made scenarios where the AI is very good but takes a very long time and can very tedious if its a large scenario IMO... if you play the vanilla game out of the box Linear tactics against the AI I can pretty much guarantee they will be very little linear historically warfare during solo gameplay mostly clumps of troops attacking without much order..

    The real mostly Historically accurate battles happen during game play with Human Opponents

    Hopefully this helps