Thursday, October 5, 2017

Battle of Grant's hill French oob

                                       French OOB

Warning!!! Not 100% accurate due to lack Documentation and research/poor French book keeping
I did alot guess work using a lot different documents and books

List Of French Officers involved in the battle
Captain Francois-Marie Marchand de Lignery
Captain Charles Philippe de Aubry
Captain St Ours
Francois Coulon de Villiers
Lt. Sieur de Belestre
Ens de Corbière

700 French
Fort Duquesne Garrison
 200 Troupes de la Marine

  Détachement de Aubry
 40 Troupes de la Marine
 460 Milice Canadienne

800 Indians
500 Pays d'en Haut   
300 Ottawa
98 Chippewa
75 Mississauga
27 Potawatomi

200 Ohio Indians   
82 Delaware
81 Shawnee
26 Senacas
11 Mingo

100 Mission Indians
40  Iroquois
25 Abenakis
10 Huron
12 Algonkin
13 Nipissing

Book Links
The British Defeat of the French in Pennsylvania, 1758
Tomahawk and Musket: French and Indian Raids in the Ohio Valley 1758
The Papers of Henry Bouquet: December 11, 1755-May 31, 1758

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