Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Turn 001 1758 Campaign

French Turn One                                                                
Rogers Rangers fired a long range volley from their rifles wounding one Frenchmen. The French Milice de Quebec 3/8 Compagnie returned fire on another Ranger Company, which had advanced out of their  cover in the woods. The French volley killed one Ranger. French KIA 1, British KIA

Meanwhile at Fort Oswego the alarm is sounded and the Milice companies rush to their posts… 
After receiving Colonel Pontleroy's messenger and hearing the firing getting more voluminous, Colonel Prudhomme, at Fort Ontario, sent most of his Milice de Montreal regiment to cover the bridge across the Mohawk River. He plans on protecting the bridge in case the French forces, in Fort Oswego, need to cross the river to beat a hasty retreat.

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