Saturday, September 8, 2018

Turn 0011 1758 Campaign

The French batteries fired very accurately killing  5 British soldiers during the British turn. The French 6pd battery on NW bastion fired on the Rangers and had rare miss overshooting the Rangers the bombardiers maybe showing some stress as British are getting closer and closer; The SW bastion fired its 6pd cannon and was able hit British Provincial Company exploding a soldier to pieces. The swivel 2pd got lucky with shot and killed a British provincial hitting him in the back

The French batteries across the river continued to perform excellent the 4th Battery 6pd & 9pd cannon fired (southern most battery) fired on British Grenadiers killing  2 Grenadiers. The 3rd Battery 6pd cannon also fired on British Regular Company killing a private he was in center of his company, The 3rd Battery 9pd cannon fired on a company of Marines which scored a kill. The 2nd  Battery 6pd fired on a British Regular company killing  1 Regular. The 1st  Battery 6pd fired on Company Rangers and missed 12 British KIA
ps.. I forgot continue my retreat and destruction of the bridge whoops!

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