Monday, October 24, 2016

HPS French and Indian war the 1758 Campaign

I will playing the entire 1758 campaign, I chosen to play as the French I picked The defend option and my first battle is to be a delaying action at the French held Fort Oswego and Fort Ontario. The AI isn't the greatest in this game but the game is my favorite game Early American series, but I am gonna try to play it historically accurate as possible for 18th century warfare

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Morning pre-dawn 1758 Fort Oswego

In the small dark musty officer quarters inside Fort Oswego

A small neatly dressed Adjudant named LaSalle Quietly shakes Colonel Pontleroy  "monsieur monsieur Réveillez-vous s’il vous plaît de commandant". Colonel still feeling drunk from to much wine the night before slowly opens his eyes which feel like sand and he looks at the small rat-like Adjudant and growls, "What is it Lasalle!!!", LaSalle looking very scared says; " Colonel in the night all our Indians have fled, they have abandoned us". At once Colonel Pontleroy was out of bed and called for the Officer of the watch a young Captain from Quebec named Dubois. The young Captain Dubois enters the Colonel's room and asked the colonel "what are my orders monsieur?"  Colonel Pontleroy went over small water basin after washing the sand from his eyes he gave him his orders" Monsieur Dubois send out scouts at once and wake the men. Get everyone under arms. Have each man receive 30 rounds of ammunition, and a full powder horn". The Colonel also wrote a short letter and sent it with a messenger to Colonel Prudhomme, the commandant of Fort Ontario, warning him of possible British attack.

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