Monday, October 31, 2016

Turn 002 1758 Campaign

 French Milice de Quebec 3/8 Compagnie retreats in good order after they took a sharp volley from the Rangers.. 2 French KIA

Colonel Pontleroy’s Regiment man their positions, ready for battle. A French battery on the SW Bastion of the entrenched camp fired a 6pd Cannon at the Rangers to cover the picket’s retreat. The shot went wide but it bought enough time for the pickets to retire.

The French Battery across the Oswego River fired two 6pd cannons at a provincial Ranger company (Putnam’s Rangers), 1 Rangers leg was blown away and another Ranger was cut in two!! The wounded Ranger with a missing leg was dragged to the Field Hospital, Putnam’s Rangers hold their ground for now… British 1 WIA 1 KIA

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